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hey guys what up hey lets try to all get together we really need to finalize everything and just get it together so the next 2 weeks are just waiting for the event to happen i need everything set in stone bye friday all the gift certificates all the places donating everything we can still go around after and get more but i really need something done by friday we need to put it together for the family s first and just have it booked so please call me if you guys have any questions so we can get to gather and work on this asap

ok guys so i fig we can devied and concore josh if you want to start looking in to ideas about founding the project i will have steave plan out a meal cassie fig out a buget for how much the food and over all how much the event is going to cost us and have kerri look in to booking the fire and police officer for the event and i will talk to the the familys first program about geting use a letter for time off and leting them know we are going to go with there night for the event and try and help kerri with the booking of the event and activitys layout

Hey guys hope your all having fun on this awesome rainy tuesday night haha jk
well i had my meeting with Joanna today and we talked over a few ideas Joannas program with families first is that every monday night they invite families who are homeless in extreme stress separated abounded and all other types of families to share a meal on them as a family and then brake off in to activities letting kids run around and play and give parents class and help needed to rase there kids and to give them a bit of a brake from the stresses in there life its a program to take kids off the streets feed them and bond with volunteers throughout the families first program as there way of outreaching trouble kids there funding was coming from the drug abuse and neglect funding from the state of NH but they lost there budget and have to fund thought out donations and different foundations when we spoke today i explained that we have classes on mondays and she asked if we would be interested in maybe funding the meal and organizing and activity for a night because theres only one event coordinator and she is already over welled and with in the next two weeks they have to start planing out there December nights we would have to plan on a meal for about 30 people and and a activity to incorporate both kids and parents for about 45 mins and i thought why don't we bring in a public safety crew from the Portsmouth fire dep and police dep to talk about safety fire drugs and alcohol and to do activities together as a family and also to help young kids be inspired to stay away from drugs and alcohol by getting to play with all the cool fire and police gear and in the police cars and fire trucks she loved the idea we would have to organize the night from start to finish make all the phone calls and book the night we are going to do it and produce the money needed for that one night and family first will produce the night with all there staff so we can still go to class i told Joanna that i would have to talk it over with the group before we can commit to doing that she also recommended a few other programs for us to look in to if we decide to not go with that program but to do something els instead that all i have for now see you all tomorrow …..chris

good news by freddettefreddette, 10 Nov 2010 01:37

hey so it looks like the new hights thing isnt going to work out because between the background checks and paper work we wouldnt even be able to start working with the kids till half way though the term so when i talked to the director today on the phone she told us to talk to a person with familys first. i looked them up on line and it looks like on monday and tuesdays family first helps out crisis familys and kids from needy familys. i called there office just wating for joanna the person from the program to call me back and let me know more about what we can do to help

bad news by freddettefreddette, 04 Nov 2010 21:37

we need to find out who is going to call the Cross Roads home…if anyone is willing please let us know thanks girlss..

Contacting Info by Alyssa EllisAlyssa Ellis, 04 Nov 2010 00:34

I have googled foster care in new hampshire and I am not finding any info. Can anyone send me in the right direction? Everything I am coming up with is help if I were looking to get state help with foster care?? Thanks Cristin

Having trouble Ladies! by Cristin FraserCristin Fraser, 03 Nov 2010 01:59
here are two web sites i have already looked at about working with kids in our community

by freddettefreddette, 02 Nov 2010 19:07

Foster children only in Portsmouth.

Different Idea by MrsVanderburgMrsVanderburg, 01 Nov 2010 23:39

Please discuss your ideas for a service learning project here.

Discussion 1 by MrsVanderburgMrsVanderburg, 01 Nov 2010 10:52