Day 1

Welcome to Hesser College.

  • Review syllabus
  • Discuss class expectations
  • Learn each others names
  • Review Hesser Catalog
  • Class Overview

Hesser Catalog Hunt:
Find the answers to the following in the Catalog and Adendum.
1. What classes do you need in order to graduate?
2. 3 important facts about withdrawing
3. What classes are humn electives?
4. What classes are soci electives?
5. Find each class you want to take:
-a science
-a soci elective
-a humn elective
-an elective towards your degree
6. What are the pre-req.'s for English Composition I and Intro to Algebra?
7. Who is you department chair?
8. List 5 student responsibilities you think are important (p. 20-25)
9. List 5 Academic Standards you think are important. (p. 32-34)
10. What 3 items of importance are on p. 31?

Tonights homework:

  • Read Strength Quest ch 1
  • Take Strenght Quest Test Online
  • Start Power Chapter 1
  • Send me an email with your contact information from your Kaplan Quad account.